Why Very Cheap Car Insurance no Deposit Rocks!

Why Very Cheap Car Insurance no Deposit Rocks!

Why is Car Insurance So Important – Here’s My Story

Owning a car isn’t exactly cheap. You’ve got your car payments, gas, car insurance, and regular maintenance and repairs. All in all it can eat up a rather large chunk of your income. It’s easy to start looking at the individual aspects of owning a car and wonder why they are so important to you?

For me it was about car insurance. I couldn’t understand what all that money was even going towards. I was a good driver, I had never even had a speeding ticket, yet I was spending a fortune in car insurance. Well that was all about to change.

When You Least Expect It

We just recently went through a pretty crazy spring that saw more than our fair share of storms. I know how important it is to drive with caution on snow and ice, but I figured rain wasn’t as big a deal. Guess again. As I was approaching a red light in a busy intersection on a very rainy and stormy afternoon, I hit my brakes only to feel my car start to hydroplane across the road and before I knew it I had rear-ended the vehicle in front of me.

Again I’m a good driver, up until this point I’d never had a ticket or been involved in an accident. Even with this accident I saw the red light, I gave myself enough time to brake, it was the weather conditions that caused the accident. 

The one lucky part about the accident was that I wasn’t going fast enough to cause any harm to the driver of the other vehicle or myself, but our cars definitely looked pretty bad. This is when I discovered first-hand just how important car insurance is to have.

The damage to my vehicle and the other driver’s was in the thousands of dollars, then there is the fact that my car had to be in the shop for days so that left me without a vehicle, or so I thought. Just by paying my deductible damage on both vehicles was covered, plus I was given a rental vehicle to drive until mine was ready. If I had to pay for all of that out of pocket, I honestly would have gone bankrupt and had to take out a loan to cover it all.

Look for Cheaper Alternatives

Once I was convinced about the importance of car insurance, I made it my mission to find a way to cut back on the cost. I was able to find very cheap car insurance no deposit, so I have the peace of mind I need should anything ever happen again, plus I’m not paying a fortune each month.P.S I found my no deposit auto insurance here: http://www.verycheapcarinsurancenodeposit.com/

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