Blog ramble #1 Why driving can be bad

Blog ramble #1 Why driving can be bad

The Pros and Cons of Driving

I had to come up with a list of pros and cons for driving the other day. My friend failed her driving test for the 9th time. That’s right. She failed not once, not twice, but NINE times. That’s 1 less than the number of years she’s been trying to pass for.

Considering the fact that in a decade she has failed to drive safely enough to fool a driving examiner for 30 consecutive minutes. I had to make the list pretty heavy on the ‘cons’ side.

So in case anyone else out there is losing all hope of ever passing their test. Just give up?

Pros of driving

Cons of driving

You can stop taking the bus.

You will have to pay for full coverage car insurance (which, if it takes you that long to get your license I would recommend).

You can start buying full size milk cartons instead of the tiny ones at the grocery store because you won’t have to carry everything you buy. You are more likely to die of a stroke and/or heart attack as a result of road rage induced high blood pressure.
You will likely have many near misses when driving. This causes adrenaline. Adrenaline reduces hunger. Therefore you might lose weight? (OK this one is a push) You are more likely to kill someone else by infuriating them to the point their heart literally gives out.
Parking during the holidays is the worst
Have a higher chance of taking a payday loan in the future.
You will have to take a turn at being the designated driver, and soberly hanging out with drunk people is hell on earth.
You are more likely to get very lost as you’ll be travelling in the wrong direction faster than you would be on foot.
You will have less interesting stories to tell about strange things that happen to you on the train, therefore will be less interesting as a person.
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